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Mendeley Desktop

Developer Mendeley Ltd.

Mendeley Desktop is a program that allows you to generate citations and bibliographies in Microsoft Word, OpenOffice and ...


Developer Refworks

he new version of Write-N-Cite is available for download from your RefWorks account. This newly designed tool fully ...

Logos Bible Software

Developer Logos Bible Software

Logos Bible Software is a program that brings you Bible study tools on your PC. It contains massive ...

Harzing's Publish or Perish

Developer Anne-Wil Harzing

Harzing's Publish or Perish is a program that retrieves and analyzes academic citations. This program ...


Developer PERRLA, LLC.

PERRLA is a program that automatically integrates with Microsoft Word and allows you to create citations. The program ...

Best Authority

Developer Levit & James, Inc

This program allows you to easily and quickly build an accurate Table of Authorities (TOA) in a Microsoft® Word document. The program ...


Developer RAD Software

Citation is law enforcement software that is specifically designed to enter and maintain traffic citation information into a database in ...


Developer Larry Lart

UniMap is a free/opensource astronomy software which was designed to do the plate-solving (automated detection and sky catalog matching) for ...


Developer Thomson Reuters

WestCheck is a powerful tool designed to help you monitor and update your work product. Use ...


Developer Patrick Gressier

Wave Audit System


Wave Audit System can be used for a variety services using audits and citations. You'll get the integrated report modifier, which gives you the ...


Developer Guilford Publications, Inc.

FormatEase® streamlines the task of formatting academic and professional writing in accordance with the ...

Wizards for Students Database

Developer Recipes for Word

For student and scholar writers, Wizards for Students provides the tools to create papers using MLA/APA/Turabian guidelines, and to ...

Micro Application - MediaDICO Citations

Developer L'Aventure Multimedia

StyleEase for Seminary Style

Developer StyleEase Software, LLC

StyleEase automatically formats your papers in Seminary Style from within Microsoft Word, so you can focus on your writing. StyleEase ...